Past Exhibitions

Floral 1
Blooming Canvas: A Floral Symphony
23 Jan 2024 – 22 Apr 2024
Inviting viewers into a world where flowers come alive through artistic expression.
Sunlight at the Bay of Fires Tasmania
Summer Salon @ Poimena Gallery Launceston
15 Feb 2024 – 13 Mar 2024
This Summer Salon is an exhibition open to all emerging and established Tasmanian artists.
UTAS Fine Art Honours Exhibition: The Ageing Woman
9 Nov 2023 – 30 Nov 2023
A series of 20 Dry Point Prints, each showcasing the beautiful transition of women into different stages of life, with a specific focus on highlighting their wisdom, strength, and resilience as they age.
Dove Lake & Cradle Mountain Tasmania
Art Trails Tasmania
20 Oct 2023 – 12 Nov 2023
Small description
art 3
27 Jul 2023 – 17 Aug 2023
A collaborative exhibition featuring emerging artists from the Fine Arts Honours program at the University of Tasmania.
Dove Lake & Cradle Mountain Tasmania
Contemporary Landscapes
28 Jul 2023 – 6 Aug 2023
Artworks with the theme of the Tasmanian Landscape
Bay of Fires late afternoon
The Bay of Fires Collection
6 Mar 2023 – 6 Aug 2023
An exhibition of paintings inspired by the serenity, vibrant colours and wildlife that inhabits this majestic area at Binalong Bay, East Coast of Tasmania.
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